How Do You Confirm A Credit Card On Paypal?

By Gavin | October 11, 2018

How do you confirm a credit card on PayPal?

PayPal asks you to confirm your card to verify you're the card owner. Here's how to confirm your card:

First, Click Wallet. Second, Click the card that needs to be confirmed. Third, Click the confirm card link (if you don't see the link, you don't have to complete this process). Fourth, Read the information on the confirm credit card page and click OK.

Then PayPal will send a $1.95 USD charge to your card. After the card is confirmed, it will immediately refund the card. Your card issuer will credit your card balance within 30 days from the date of the refund.

The charge appears on your card statement with a 4-digit code and the word PAYPAL. If you view your card statements online, you can check for the code in a few days. Otherwise, check for the code when you receive your next statement in the mail.

Another way to confirm your card is by entering the code. Have your 4-digit PayPal code ready and follow the steps below:

First, Click Wallet. Second, Click the card that needs to be confirmed. Third, Enter the 4 digit code in the box and click Confirm. Please note that if you do not act to confirm your card by entering int he 4-digit code (or your card cannot be confirmed), the charge will be refunded 75 (60 days in Brazil) days from the date of the charge. Based on certain jurisdictions (such as Brazil), the credit may not actually post to your card for up to 30 additional days.

If you remove your card or close your account during the time frames above, the return of the credit may not process. In these instances, you may need to contact PayPal Customer Service to have the charge refunded.