GCash American Express Virtual Card Tutorial

By Gavin | June 10, 2019

By online and have it delivered right to your doorstep, introducing the new GCash American Express virtual card register and get your one-month free trial now.

To register, visit official website, and confirm your application, you will receive your passcode protected digital handbook with your account details via email, and it's done.


How to convert your cash to GCash

To start shopping, convert your cash to GCash, now how to do this? Log in at the GCash American Express virtual card web page, select the converted cash - GCash button, choose your bank type, the amount you want to transfer, finally, key in your account details, and you will automatically get your GCash real time.

You may also visit any of over 7,000 GCash outlets nationwide to fund your GCash wallet, this is absolutely free of service charge, you are now ready to shop. Visit your favorite online store, add items to your shopping cart and click checkout. When you're ready to fill in the information required, simply use the account details in your digital handbook.

How to key the address and phone

For shopping sites that do not ship to the Philippines, key the personalized US address, and telephone number from your digital handbook. For shopping sites that ship directly to the Philippines, you may put your Philippine address right away, don't forget to use your personalized US address for the billing address. Make sure you choose American Express as your mode of payment, get your security code by dialing asterisk one.

For three number signs selecting GCash, and then GCash American Express virtual card select a request or change the security code, and you will receive it via SMS. Shortly you may also get your security code from the GCash mobile app, you can use this code in all of your transactions and you may change at any time for security. Confirm your payment and wait for your online buys.


Steps for the shop at sites with a different address

If you shop at sites that do not ship directly to the Philippines you have few steps to follow to receive your purchases. Wait for the email from my shopping box, this is a notification that your item has arrived at your personalized Us address, click on the link provided in the email, login to your my shopping box account using the details from your digital handbook, click authorize shipment, and choose if you want it shipped via air or sea with corresponding charges. Choose American Express as your mode of payment, fill in the required information, confirm your payment and wait for your shipment.

Who says you need a credit card to enjoy online deals with a new GCash American Express virtual card, all you need is a GCash Wallet, low shipping charges, secure online purchases, convenient cash in and one-month free trial. Register for a GCash American Express virtual card now.

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