Free $25 Credit with Free AmericanExpress Prepaid Serve Card

By Gavin | October 11, 2018

Everyone loves free money, maybe except for that little baby in that commercial, but not all of us are able to obtain American Express card, so one with this looks kind of cool if people don't know what this service is.

But basically what you're giving is a digital prepaid account designed for everyone, that gives you a safe way to pay in stores, you'll just preload this card, so people don't have access to any additional funds, no credit check, no monthly fees, no annual fees, what they get off of this is they get to charge vendors for accepting the American Express card, just like anywhere else, just look around give the details on that.

But I got this email because someone mentioned something about Verizon, or s3, or Wireless, or whatever, but I thought I'd share $25 for free, after you add $25 which like a great deal, I mean you could spend that $25 on $50 worth of gas, real quick after you get the card, go ahead and check that out, I found the deal on thinking FatWallet, but here it is on slick deals.

There is another good website to find deals, there are a lot of people that I've already done it, this guy posted a screenshot of his account and you can see the merchant promotion credit down there, so you can refer to it.