AmericanExpress Premier Rewards Gold vs Platinum - Which is Better

By Gavin | July 26, 2018

AmericanExpress Premier Rewards Gold vs Platinum - Which is Better?

Hey, there is economic invincibility today. We're going to talk about the differences between the American Express premiere rewards gold card and the Platinum Card. 

These are marketed a great deal, so people have questions which one is better. That will largely depend upon your lifestyle and your spending habits. But, I thought, I would just go down on informational basis. So that, you can make the compare and contrast. Now the gold the introductory special and I believe, it's diminished substantially. But, it's 25,000 points. If you spend $2,000 in the first three months beyond that, it's three times points on airline expenditures two times at US restaurants gas stations and supermarkets and then one times on other purchases with the Platinum. It's 40,000 points, if you spend three thousand dollars in the first three months and you get five times points on airline purchases and then you can get one membership reward point on specific categories eligible categories. But, it can go to two, if you're doing it through the American Express travel website. So, at that level the gold card is going to be a little bit superior. If you have a little well-rounded group of expenses, but if you're traveling a lot, the Platinum is going to come up on top overall. You go into the finances, the annual fee of 195 for the goal. That is waived the first year for the Platinum. It's four hundred and fifty from the get-go, you might be able to haggle and get them to waive it. But, otherwise that's a substantial difference especially for a young person, you have to consider, do you want to be taking on four hundred and fifty dollars a year? Unless you are maxing out all the benefits. The point where it's worth it. Because, it's kind of an expensive membership to have, unless you're really getting the most out of it. 

You also have a late fee of up to thirty eight dollars which shouldn't be an issue, just pay on time and then the foreign transaction fee. There's none for either card which makes sense. Because, there's a big focus on travel with these two offers. So now, I'm going to focus on the benefits and what I'll do is cover a few for the gold. Than the platinum and then go into those that overlap. Because that's part of being a member of a nexus fraternity. We give you all these additional benefits, not just what you get with the card. So for the goal, you get a hundred dollar airline for incidental expenses. There's a special deal with hotels, you have access to a $75 credit an additional point that is on the basis of how long you stay and how you make your reservations though. As are most of these things, it's not just well, because it's there you get it automatically, you have to meet certain criteria in order to be eligible for it. Just to be clear, because some people think oh, you know, because it's listed. There it's just a universal benefit, but usually there's a little bit of a catch in order to get access to it for the Platinum. You have the travel credit is $200 which is nice, you also have access to a lot of airport lounges. The Platinum dining service the concierge service which can help you set up anniversary dates reservations the like you have $100 credit when you try to sign up for TSA pre or the Global Entry Program which will save you a lot of time at the airport. You also have you can get $100 point card. If you get 10,000 points with the encircle program which is another of those sub offerings from American Express and then there's the Hilton Honors gold program and the Stanwood Preferred Guest program. Both of those again subsets programs that give you certain benefits at resorts or hotels or access to enhance services. When you're there in your staying, the details on that they're on the AMEX website. That's largely going to be a benefit to those who are traveling a great deal and then you have to map it out. Because, if you're not doing, so as I said there's criteria to meet. It's not just automatic in terms of the benefits. That go for both of them, phone insurance return protection extended warranty protection. Both of them, have travel assistance the roadside assistance assistance with the car insurance, card damage.

When you're traveling and retching, so those are a nice package of benefits overall and of course, you have the American Express customer service which is for the most part renowned to be much better than what you get with other cars. So you might be saying okay at that point, which one is more preferable to sign up for it. And as I was saying earlier, it's going to come down to you know what you spend money on. What's your lifestyle like? If you travel a lot, I'm not talking about you take a trip or two a year. But, if you travel a lot, like for your job the platinum is an excellent choice. Because, you'll rack up a lot of points and the services and the per TSA and all that you'll be happy. 

You have those things, it is a higher annual fee. So, that's probably going to be for someone who's rolling in serious money or has a travel business. That sort of thing, the gold card on the other hand isn't as ideal for travel. But, it's not bad you still get a lot of benefits lower annual fee. If you keep it after the first year, but on the domestic side, there's more stuff you can do to generate points. So it's not to say one is better than the other. That's going to come down to what you spend money on what your interests are. I would recommend, however for young people, if you just want a travel card, you're not really like gung-ho you don't necessarily need an Amex, unless you want just Amex hash tag Anagramming. I'm king of the world. That's fine, if that's what you want to do, but there are travel cards that have much lower annual fees than the AMEX offerings and still decent you know benefits or they're those that have no annual fee and they may not be at the same level as the ones. That have the annual fee, but they're not bad either especially, if you're not traveling for business. So, that's just something to keep in the back of your head when you're looking at these cards. Make sure, it lines up with your own lifestyle and what you spend money on. Because, maybe that's not a big deal for some, but you probably don't want to be spending two one hundred four hundred fifty dollars a year. If you're just using it infrequently, because then it's just an expensive membership. You don't really need, so any questions please leave them below and take a moment as well to subscribe.