AmericanExpress Green Card Review

By Gavin | July 26, 2018

AmericanExpress Green Card Review

Hey, it's economic invincibility. Welcome to a review of the annex green card which I got a request for now, this has classically been seen as a bit of a stepping stone to get in for the PRG or the platinum. In the future, but unfortunately the benefits are not that great. They did away with the starting bonus which was 25,000 points for a thousand dollars spent. 

In the first, three months of having the car. So, it's somewhat limits what you get out of it for starters, one point for each dollar spent on everything generally and then two points. If you spend it, through mx travel that does give it a bit of an advantage as a travel card. But, the benefits overall in that category are okay not amazing. But, I'll go into that later those points, you can redeem for merchandise gift cards and other benefits through the redemption rewards program. 

Now, financially no annual fee for the first 12 months. After that, it goes to $95, now that isn't that much given that. It's Amex, but it is something to consider how much are you spending on this card are the benefits outweighing. What you're paying for it at least? After the first year foreign transaction fee 2.7 percent, I think that should be 0 given. That this is sort of a travel card at least in part, but it's not that high and then late fee is $37 or two point nine nine percent on the total. 

That in my opinion, is not an issue as long as you guys are being responsible. Don't let the system screw you make sure, you screw the system okay especially with Amex which loves to get fees. Do not miss a payment set up automatic payments. If necessary, do not carry a balance from month to month, because it's not worth it alright other benefits, include rental insurance both domestic side. They give you assistance foreign side, if you have a collision, they help you out with that roadside assistance and global assistance which is very useful. If you travel and then baggage insurance don't lose your luggage in the airport shopping, protection especially extended warranty protection and then discounts on entertainment venues like concerts and other things. So, that's pretty classically American Express well known for that and then the customer service is fantastic. 

My experience has been great other people spoken to have attested to the same thing, you're not going to get the long line of 15 minutes to talk to one person and I recently had a question with Amex. That I'd to resolve it took five minutes which was amazing got on the line, with a real person very quickly. They were very curious, so they do a fantastic job on customer service. 

Now, you might look at it and say is this card worth it, after all that, it really depends on what your needs are. If you're all for the baling blank bloom cane guardianship booties anagramming hash tag, that's fine. If that's what you want the Amex for okay, just make sure you understand, you are paying for it after the first year. So, are you spending enough to make it worthwhile without the starting bonus that they used to have getting up to 25,000 points. That can be a little bit gnarl okay, that's going to cost you a decent amount of money. So consider based upon what you can get through the rewards program points-wise isn't worth, the amount of money you have to spend both as a cardinal or but just to maintain the card, with the annual fee make sure you understand that. 

I would argue, if you really want this card maybe consider waiting until, they bring back the bonus which probably happened early next year. My my guess otherwise you might want to look at something else, if you're using it for travel. I think they're better cards out there. I've reviewed some of them there are others as well. Where you're either not going to pay any annual fee or you're just going to get a better deal overall. If you have any other questions leave in the comments section and also let me know their cards and other financial topics. That would be valuable to you to see as videos here, and as always be sure to subscribe.